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The Methodology

Fun is a very big element of The Gaia Centre. All our training is done through games, activities and tasks that allow for learning to take place in a environment that facilitates enthusiasm and creativity. We believe that to truly succeed you must love what you do. Having a sense of joy while working makes learners yearn for the betterment of themselves. Gaia’s methodology involves practical techniques that can be applied in their daily lives, help hone their craft, and develop their personality.

We believe in fun and hard work, and that the two go hand in hand. Where there is passion and commitment, assignment and projects become a breeze and becomes and opportunity to reach new heights.

Everyone has something to offer. Each individual is looked at, nurtured and taught based on what they bring to the table. Lessons are modified to suit every learners needs and capabilities, while ensuring group participation and teamwork. With a guiding hand, we believe all people have the potential to be great.