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He walks down dark paths, meeting a chaotic mix of characters.

He welcomes them with his open notes and visual sounds.

He plays a tune pulling their souls and making them sway. He gathers a tribe as he flows. An

an occasional glance behind to acknowledge the fact he knows.


She knows. She watches him from a distance. Sometimes smiling, Sometimes in fury.

She loves him.


He knows.

He loves her too.


He moves away with the music. She jumps on. They filter their emotions as the pass the

crowd. They slowly vanish re-appearing in a world they call Their Own. In a beautiful sea, they Float

and on land, they Levitate.

Looking around they find Peace. They find themselves.


The crowd still watches Still in a happy daze. Still wondering. Soon they will be New Worlds.


New Love.


– By Ashwin, Chief Mischief Maker