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A horse I see. Shifting through the spaces of time with unfathomable agility. On water, it speeds.

Tiny droplets of water leap aside, less the mighty beast squash them. Her black coat covering

those taut muscles, gleam in the sunlight. The sun himself glares down with a hint of jealousy.

Presumably, the thought of running away alone where no one can see plays like a routine fantasy in his fiery mind. The horse unfazed by the hordes of trees gallops away.


I watch her as she approaches.

Strongly and swiftly.

Should I step aside and give her away or am I destined to break her ferocious momentum?


I watch.


She elegantly jumps over sleeping logs, hovering birds whistle her on. The trees too seem to chant an audible cheer.

I see her. She appears like the dance of destruction, so beautiful, so graceful yet the aftermath unavoidable. I try to shut my excited eyes….a feat in which I fail miserably. I can feel the hot air pounding around me. I can smell the sweat. My own mixed so flawlessly with the strong scent of her body as she thunders towards me. Not missing a single beat.

Do I not appear visible to her. Am I a mirage? Or is she unreal? What am I doing here in the middle of this enormous wild enclave of leaves and wood? Thoughts that I have never wondered pour in from all parts of my throbbing brain.

I stare into her eyes. A link is created. Her eyes throw a reflection of astounding visuals all covered with the gleam of the morning sun. I hold my hands out. Acceptance I believe is the journey of our life. I do not fight it anymore. My mind is quiet. A serene peace engulfs my body. Noises fade away.

She comes to a thundering halt. An action I find no words to describe except the feeling of intense energy surging through her body. Her panting ceases. Her heart slows down.


Is it over?


I look into her mind. I see forests and birds.
A horse is what I see.
Shifting through the spaces of time with unfathomable agility.


– By Ashwin, Chief Mischief Maker