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Video Gallery

Video Gallery

Ferdinand Menezes - Save The Day@The Gaia Centre

Trinity College London - Exams in English, Music, Drama

Trinity College London - Teachers and Students

Vaishvi Seth - The Importance of Being Earnest@The Gaia Centre

Amrit Iyer - The Kite Runner@The Gaia Centre

Coach Mo - Mindful&Healthy Living@Gaia Gathering

Marita Peters - Surge For Water@Gaia Gathering

Communication Skills @The Gaia Centre

The Gaia Centre @Dubai Food Festival 2017

The Gaia Centre @Ripe Organic Market 2017

Dreamspeak 2016 @Emirates Literature Festival

Dreamspeak 2016 - The Usual Suspects

Ethan Fernandes - It Didn't Used to Be Like This