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If you ever walk into The Gaia Centre you will, without fail, feel the friendly and cheerful aura Shanthanu brings along with him wherever he goes. A former student of Jesika since the age of 9 and now a trainer at The Gaia Centre, Shan is a vital part of the team. You’ll often see […]

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If you plan on calling The Gaia Centre or have called us in the past then you’ve definitely heard her voice. Shehara, in both a figurative and literal meaning, keeps Gaia together. If you have a question, a dilemma or a conundrum then Shehara probably has the answer for you. A performer, artist, language and […]

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Jesika is the Co-founder of The Gaia Centre and carves out the path that the rest of the team continues to walk on. Having been a Drama, Language & Communication Skills trainer since 1996 she always brings in creativity and experience to provide wisdom and guidance for all students and faculty members. She’s made her […]

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Once mistaken for the Sasquatch, Ashwin hails from the far off reaches of his own mind and now he finds himself present at The Gaia Centre. He is the Co-Founder of The Gaia Centre and can be the voice of reason for both the team and students, giving everyone a much-needed reality check along with […]

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