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Gaia Galavanting: Green Planet

- Dubai

Location: The Green Planet

October 27th

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We have exciting news for you! Our first ever Field Trip is finally ready to go. And the surprise location?…Why that would be The Green Planet.
The Green Planet is an enclosed eco-system of its very own. It appears to be, from all angles, a  Tropical Rainforest filled with tons of exotic flora and fauna. It is also a learning experience, students will get to interact with these plants and animals, learning about them and their habitats whilst also developing an appreciation for the environment and the rainforests in particular. If you want to know more about The Green Planet, you can visit their website here.
The goal of this field trip is to expand the minds of our students and introduce them to a new experience. The Gaia Centre has a strong appreciation for the earth itself, part of our core values is to respect and treat our environment with love and care and this trip encourages students to take up this philosophy and have it echo throughout their lives.
Get ready Gaians! We’re going on a Trip 🙂