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Dreamspeak 2018 – A Tribute to Roald Dahl

07:30 PM - 09:30 PM Dubai

LOCATION: The Junction Al Serkal

DATE & TIME: 7:30 – 9:30 PM, 30th January 2018 

The Gaia Centre is almost done with its Term, but we aren’t done with all that The Lunar Term has to offer. In fact, Gaia’s Massive Theatre Production – Dreamspeak – takes place on January 30th, 2018, at The Junction, Al Serkal.

Every year our Dreamspeak production is a tribute to some our favourite ideas, concepts and people. Past Dreamspeaks have included a Tribute to Comics, Movies, and Detectives. This year our production will be a Tribute to an individual that shaped so many of our lives and whose stories have been a huge influence on us. This year Dreamspeak is a tribute to Roald Dahl.

Months of hard work from our Art and Drama students go into creating this theatrical event that presents an original story. Our actors that range from 10 – 16 years old put all their creative energy into their performances while our Art students create set designs, costume and make up. Last year their hard work and effort lead them to become Trinity toppers getting the highest grade in the U.A.E for in Performance Arts and Production.

Working together with all our students to make the production come alive is a fantastic experience and one we’d liked to share with you. Everyone mark the date and we’ll see you there.

PS. Entry by Invitation Only.