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Buddy Class

- Dubai

Location: The Gaia Centre

September 24th – 30th 2017

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The Gaia Centre’s Buddy Class is right around the corner!!

From the 24th till the 30th, learners get to bring one of their buddies to a class at Gaia, free of charge. In the spirit of spreading The Gaia Centre’s philosophy and its beliefs we invite all buddies out there to come on over and take part in a class that will work to improve their skills in Drama or Art, or perhaps even both. Learners will continue to work towards their creative education and growth with lots of fun games and buddies will get a taste of the Gaian Way.


We love making new friends here and this is always an exciting time of the year for us. As of our first month of The Lunar Term comes to a close we declare The Gaia Centre’s Buddy Class 2017 is now open!

Kids, quickly book your friend for this date, bring him/her at for your regular class in the upcoming week and share a creative time together.