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Dear Planet Earth

Dear Planet Earth, This is the first post from The Gaia Centre on our very own blog. From here on out you can expect a blog post, fortnightly, every two weeks or so that concern a variety of topics. From education to philosophy, to reading and viewing recommendation’s, stories and experiences. We hope to provide […]

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A Parent’s Wish

My wooden rocking chair creeps with each movement, whilst everything around me is quiet. The sound of the wood creaking against the floor boards is deafening in the silence. I turn slowly, knowing that time is all I have. I turn to the window sill and see the frost slowly form and crisp. There are […]

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A Letter

Please don’t worry about a thing. What you do has always had pure energy…no malice no hidden agenda…no lies. When people become slaves to the corporate world and money the demons in them slowly arise….please don’t be angry with them as only your vibe will change, your work will get affected… your children will be […]

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A horse I see. Shifting through the spaces of time with unfathomable agility. On water, it speeds. Tiny droplets of water leap aside, less the mighty beast squash them. Her black coat covering those taut muscles, gleam in the sunlight. The sun himself glares down with a hint of jealousy. Presumably, the thought of running […]

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He walks down dark paths, meeting a chaotic mix of characters. He welcomes them with his open notes and visual sounds. He plays a tune pulling their souls and making them sway. He gathers a tribe as he flows. An an occasional glance behind to acknowledge the fact he knows.   She knows. She watches […]

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Book recommendation

Every so often you’ll find one of our recommendations for new reading material. This time, and for the first time, we’re recommending ‘The Name of The Wind’, by Patrick Rothfuss. This is a high-fantasy book that follows the story of a legendary hero called, Kvothe. The book hits all of the markers of a great […]

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